Bledsoe Baptist Association
Sunday, July 05, 2020
Strengthening churches as they execute the Great Commission



 Dr. Mike Pennington, Director of Missions

Reaching, Retaining, RECLAIMING


We pray that three crucial movements will begin, continue and flourish in BBA. Reaching people for Jesus Christ. Retaining through discipleship those who trust Christ. And RECLAIMING church members who have drifted away.

Gospel Conversations is a strategy being implemented across BBA. Over 80 people were trained from 9 of our churches. Additionally, 3 professions of faith were registered and many needs were discovered as 9 teams went witnessing on February 25.

Kristi and I will be training a Discipleship Group in Gospel Conversations soon. We have several people in Bledsoe, Wilson, and Nashville associations who are available to train your people, too. It will be worth the time and effort. I pray your church will be a vital part of this movement of evangelism. Invite our team to come train your people in this simple, effective and reproducible strategy for evangelism. 615-268-7177

R.E.C.L.A.I.M. Strategy

Did you know? 62% of the "formerly churched" are open to returning? Why would they return?

  • 46% - To get back closer to God
  • 34% - To fill a gap felt since stopping church attendance
  • 32% - To be around others with similar values
  • 31% - To make friends
  • 30% - To help others.

Interestingly, all these reasons for returning indicate that they realize something is missing in their lives, either in their relationship with God or in their relationships with others since drifting from church.

Two things to keep in mind: 1) People are not looking for a "friendly church", they are looking for friends. 2) People will stick in a church where they get connected to God, to others and to service.

Prayer Iniative - Opt-In Prayer Ministry

A movement of prayer is imperative to any movement of evangelism, discipleship, and reengaging inactive church members. Pastor’s prayer teams are being formed. Soon a link will be on for you to join the prayer team, too. Your association desires to have a massive group of prayer warriors in this movement. You will be praying for: Revival and Revitalization in our churches, Spiritual Awakening in our land, Evangelism, Discipleship and Reclaiming. When you Opt-In at the link, you’ll be connected to a prayer movement that will make a difference! Monthly you’ll get an update with specific prayer needs. Training is available for developing a Prayer Ministry, too.

Yours for Prayer, Reaching, Retaining and Reclaiming,



R.E.C.L.A.I.M. Strategy

How many inactive members does your church have? Does your heart desire to see them restored & active?

The RECLAIM Strategy provides answers:

  • R - Reach Out & Risk Reconnection
  • E - Engage the Drifters the formerly churched
  • C - Confidences Must be Kept
  • L - Listening Builds Relationships
  • A - Arrest Dropout Flight Patterns
  • I - Implement a strategic 3-year plan
  • M - Mobilize the Membership Calling Group

A LifeWay Research study revealed that 62% are open to returning to church, but are not actively looking. A loving, grace-filled touch is needed.

3 BBA churches are trained in this strategy.

This training can come to your church or a cluster of churches.